This creative artform can set off emotions, help us remember moments in life and give us chills and goosebumps. I've been playing musical instruments for the longest time. My father who plays guitar, bought our first Roland Synth keyboard when I was very young. I've always been interested in soundtrack / orchestra  music but I cannot read sheet music. I learned to play by ear.
Technology has changed a lot over the years, It's always fun seeing advancements in electronics. Today's keyboards can sound almost like anything. Incorperating electric drums, synth pianos and computers, has allowed me to create all types of music.  Just some of the keyboards I've owned over the years: PSR-S900, MOXF, MOTIF-XF, Tyros5, MODX6, PSR-SX700 and my latest Korg Nautilus.

Please enjoy some samples below:
The following Batman art work is not my own. It belongs to the owner.
Now entering a geek zone
My name is Adam Gervais | TitaniumNX and I live and breathe technology!

Technology is my life. Has been from a very young age. From computers to smart phones, technology has driven me into the industry I work today. Currently  working in information technology in the gaming sector, I've developed many skill sets from past and current jobs over the years. Some of those jobs include:

- Computer sales
- IT Help desks & Service desk
- Local technical support
- Windows Server administrator
- Application Specialist

I'm the type of person who really excels with a challenge. With over 16+ years of experienace in large corporations, People know me as the person who has to have the latest in technology. Always selling used gadgets and upgrading to the latest.

Do you want to know more about me, check out my resume Click here
From a very young age, I showed a lot of interest in computers. Going back  to the 80's, my father received our very first plain beige computer that laid sideways. It came with "super duper" i286 processor with 6 MHz and a shiny turbo button!

I spent many weekends installing floppy games and wreaking havoc on that machine. After watching my parents invest money to fix problems caused by those games, I made it my goal to fix the problems myself. Having grown up though the golden age of Windows, I've experienced almost every version of Windows OS going back to Windows 3.1.

Skipping ahead to 2021, I pride myself on being able to fix issues not only for for myself but to have made a career out of it.. Computers have evolved from monotone bland boxes into works of art. Custom designs & lights have taken the spot light. I love putting a new computer together and turning it on for the first time. That scary moment, heart racing "Will it boot"  watching the final product come to life.

Below are just a few of my recent builds:

Good luck getting new tech

Consumers are facing price rises and shortages of products from TVs and mobile phones to cars and games consoles as a global shortage in semiconductors grows.

The shortage in chips, the “brain” within every electronic device in the world, has been steadily worsening since last year. Good luck getting any new products through 2022.

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